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The Mental Wellness Diet

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The mental Wellness Diet

The world is a way more complex and challenging place than it used to be. Every day, millions endure symptoms of mental illness. Half of those who are diagnosed with mental illness do not receive adequate treatment. Many avoid seeking help in the first place. The number of people living with some form of mental illness is ever-expanding.


Much of this has to do with our changing environment. Many of the nutrients our brains need are wholly missing in our modern-day diet. Similarly, the kinds of stimulation our brains crave are also absent. Environmental toxicity, over-sanitization, a food supply that is high in calories but low in nutrients, lack of community and support, and all forms of psychological stress push our human brains to the limit.


The Mental Wellness Diet examines the connection between our modern-day environment, nutrition, and brain chemistry. The guidance within focuses on which nutrients and lifestyle habits promote resilience and optimal brain function.


Against the backdrop of our ancestral roots, The Mental Wellness Diet answers some important questions: What should I eat to feel better? What should I avoid eating? Which nutrients help my brain? The Mental Wellness Diet offers hope and guidance for those struggling to feel and function better.

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